DISCOP Abidjan in partnership with the African Animation Network (AAN) will host the 3rd annual  Animation du Monde pitching competition next month and entries are now open.

As Africa’s animation industry continues to develop, and in recognition of the challenges that creators face in being able to reach a market, there will be a strong focus on animated short films and series.

DISCOP Abidjan is the second of 5 preliminary rounds of the Pan-African Animation du Monde 2020. Winners for the first round were recently announced at ICON CGC in South Africa.

Through the DISCOMICS footprint – an initiative run by DISCOP Markets and Africa Animation Network – and which includes partnerships with 3 of Africa’s longest running comic conventions, AAN will be hosting 3 other regional prelims in Abidjan (DISCOP Abidjan), Lagos (Lagos Comic Con), and Nairobi (Nairobi Comic-Con).

Because the partners are always looking to create new opportunities for creators across Africa, AAN has partnered with the Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia) – a Squid Mag partner – to add a 5th regional preliminary round.

The MIFA Pitches are arguably the biggest animation focused pitching forum in the world and take place against the backdrop of the Annecy Int. Animated Film Fest’ & Market/MIFA (Annecy/MIFA). A place where filmmakers can celebrate the craft while building relationships and a deeper understanding of the industry.

Contestants have until the 17th of May to submit their project and can do so by registering for Animation du Monde here.

For those who are clueless about Annecy, the video below is a good primer.


Animation du Monde’s mission is to give animation projects in developing animation industries from across the world the opportunity to participate at the highest level internationally during the MIFA Pitches.

Video pitches will be accepted for those not able to attend the preliminary regional round at DISCOP Abidjan however, candidates who are able to attend the event will be given preference.  The competition regulations can be viewed HERE.

“The value of entering a pitch competition like Animation du Monde goes far beyond winning or losing. Through it you build relationships, your confidence to sell your project, and most of all the insight of industry professionals with years of experience with projects from around the world.” says Nick Wilson, Head of Projects & Content at AAN.

During the 2018 Animation du Monde finals in Annecy Ingrid Agbo, from Togo, secured a pre-sale for her project L’arbre à Palimpseste which is currently in pre-production.

L’arbre à Palimpseste
L’arbre à Palimpseste

Ingrid qualified with her project through the 2017 regionals run by AAN at DISCOP Abidjan and won one of two places to represent Africa at Annecy/MIFA 2018 via the Animation du Monde 2017 Continental Finals atDISCOP Johannesburg.

Through her journey, she was able to connect with other African animation filmmakers who were able to help her refine her project through to the 2018 finals in France.

Ingrid shared her Annecy experience,  

my Annecy experience was so unexpected. Winning the opportunity to pitch my project there was a huge pleasure but also a real challenge for me.  This festival was like a gauge for my project. There were so many and different, great projects coming from all around the world.

Ingrid Agbo

Jerome Soffo Simo, President of Tous’Anime Association & Organizer of CANIMAF in Cameroon, had this to say about his experience, “Firstly, the Annecy Pitch Contest taught me that you have to write, draw, structure, and then put together your animation project and that story is the most important part, because, a successful animation is a well-told story. The story will guide you in choosing the style to adopt and the rest will follow.”

ANNECY – MIFA Pitches Animation du Monde Submission Timelines

There are 5 preliminary regional rounds of competition, please ensure you submit your projects by the deadlines below.

  1. Entries for ICON CGC open 28th March and close 15th April 2019.
  2. Entries for DISCOP Abidjan open 18th April and close 17th May 2019.
  3. Entries for Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia) open 13th June and close 12th July 2019.
  4. Entries for Nairobi Comic Con (NAICCON) open 27th June and close 26th July 2019.
  5. Entries for Lagos Comic Con (LCC) open 2nd August and close 1st September 2019.

Note that, 8min pitch videos will be accepted for the preliminary regional rounds and must be supplied as a Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive link in the online registration form. However, candidates who are able to attend the event will be given preference.

No video pitches will be allowed at the Continental Final at DISCOP Johannesburg. By completing the online registration you confirm that you have a valid passport and will be able to travel to Johannesburg should your project be selected.

All the best!