African Animation

Do Africans make cartoons, anime or plain old animation? What an absurd question! Discover the latest stories making the rounds in African animation. From animation reviews, exciting new titles, information on the best animation studios, music videos, press releases, listicles, animation roundups, weekly African animation shorts and more, this Squid Mag page on African animation and the African animation industry and network is home. Here, you can find fun reviews such as our recently started aniRadar series, opinion pieces on the animation  industry in Africa, listicles on a variety of topics including African women making waves in animation, features on different projects and their studios, as well as interviews with animators such as Selorm Dogoe and updates on the best African animation festivals and more!


This page on African animation will serve as the foundation for the animation listings in our database of comics, animation, games and more from Africa.

African Animated Films

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