Bahari Blue #16 – The Empowering Art of Nils Britwum

May 4, 20203 min read

Nils Britwum is a Ghanaian digital artist famous as the creative director and co-founder of Creō Concepts and his work depicting African peoples (especially women) in a majestic and positive light.

My work is mainly focused on inspiring greatness in people, especially the black community. I also hope to encourage or inspire other young creators like me to keep expressing their art to the world.”

Nils Britwum on his Patreon.

Nils Britwum is a self-taught artist who graduated from the University of YouTube. He started drawing when he was about 6 years old.

Nils’ work is a perfect example of art imitates life. His illustrations draw on simple, relatable, everyday experiences primarily in the life of Ghanaian women.

In 2016, Nils Britwum and Creō Concepts launched the wildly popular Ghanaba day name illustration series, which personified the day naming system of southern Ghana. This came complete with personality traits associated with each day. After that, Nils and the Creō Team moved on to Zodiac signs.

Ghanaba Day Name Illustration series by Nils Britwum for Creō Concepts

Asked what inspired him to draw only women especially black women in an interview, Nils reveals, “I’m passionate about drawing black (especially dark-skinned) women because I felt the need to empower them to feel confident about themselves and their Color in a world of constant racism and bullying.”

When Nils Kwasi Britwum isn’t making adorable black positive illustrations, he creates hilarious slice-of-life comics.

Take a trip through Nils’ inspiring portfolio below as well as an interview along with his co-founder Raymond Okoro on the KSM show.


Stuck at Home by Nils Britwum
Vision Board by Nils Britwum
“Picture for your vision board… you in some years to come”
Sagitarius by Nils Britwum Creō Concepts
Sagitarius by Nils Britwum Creō Concepts
Never Doubt by Nils Britwum for Creō Concepts
Never Doubt by Nils Britwum (Creō Concepts)
Fight Like a Girl by Nils Britwum
Fight Like a Girl by Nils Britwum
Black Barbie by Nils Britwum Creō Concepts
Black Barbie
Baby versus Food Pot by Nils Britwum
Baby versus Food Pot by Nils Britwum
Valentine's Day by Nils Britwum
Valentine’s Day by Nils Britwum
Cute black baby think like creo animation workshop
Poster for the Think Like Creō Animation Workshop
Happy Mother's Day by Creō Concepts
Happy Mother’s Day by Creō Concepts

See more of Nils Britwum’s work on Instagram and Facebook. Also, catch Nils’ creative direction portfolio over on Creō Concept’s Instagram and Facebook.

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