From the makers of Hogan Toons and the wildly popular Ghanaba Series comes the Think Like CREŌ Workshop. Creō Concepts will be organising workshops and seminars on 2D character development and 3D animation slated for 3 Saturdays in February this year; i.e. 10th, 17th & 24th February 2018.

This offering will disentangle the way in which narrative and visual techniques in animation are viewed and made. It will ultimately thrash the idea of animation being an exclusive prerogative of a few.

Cute black baby think like creō animation workshop

There are very few of these incubator-like events for animation in Ghana and from an artsy powerhouse no less. The Think Like Creō Workshop by Creō Concepts is a positive step in the right direction. It’s pretty obvious Creō is cooking up something very interesting with the high-quality emotional connection and impact that they excel at.

For the sake of longevity, here is what Creō had to say:

“From the go, we have consistently churned out premium quality 2D and 3D videos catering to the needs of clients. With attention to detail and a knack for keeping all our work relatable for target audiences across the globe. Our productions have been used at seminars, for corporate in-house training, adverts, public awareness, education and also entertainment”.

Registration for limited spaces started in January but it’s possible it’s still open.

Registration costs GH¢500.00 and the workshop will take place at this address, 47 Nungua Link Road, Second Floor, Baaatsona Spintex, Accra, Ghana.

Register by texting this number +233 502568531 or via e-mail, Alternatively, hit up Creō on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

Think Like Creō Animation Workshop

We beseech all wannabes, enthusiasts and storytellers to see this opportunity as a stepping stone to building an extraordinary league of Ghanaian animators in a bid to make Ghana one of if not the animation hub in Africa.

Learn to animate with passion and love.

About Creō Concepts

Creō Concepts is a digital creative-arts agency that lives to create. Creō Concepts is responsible for the highly popular Ghanaba series that spawned the gorgeous 7 Goddesses Illustration Series. 

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