Bahari Blue #26: The Charming Art of Segun Samson

June 8, 20203 min read

Oluwayomi Segun Samson is a Nigerian illustrator, concept artist (games & animation), character designer, comic artist or as he jointly and simply puts it, a visual development artist. He’s also a musician, who loves to play the guitar.

Segun specializes in 3D art, which lends itself beautifully to video games and animation. He has credits on the upcoming Jungle Beat movie set to release on June 26 2020 and Monster High Electrified released in 2017.

But 3D illustrations are not the only thing he’s good at. He’s also worked on comic books and books children’s books such as A Monster at Midnight. According to Layrz, he has worked at Elixir Studios, Lantern Books, Dreamcast Animation Studio, Genii Games, and as a concept artist at Gamsole game studio.

In an interview with Artella, Segun shares that he hopes to collaborate with more great minds to tell amazing stories.

The end goal is to inspire as many upcoming youth as possible in my continent so they can also create and explore this amazing world of animation and games.

Segun Samson

Now that’s a goal we can get behind.

With his charming, jaw-dropping art, it’s only a matter of time before Segun Samson achieves that goal if he hasn’t already like in this recent webcast by CG Africa on Concept Art Techniques in Animation and Films.

Enjoy his work.

Zuka by Segun Samson
Zuka by Segun Samson
Basketball player 3d illustration by Segun Samson
Urban Chic by Segun Samson
Urban Chic
Kayode from Segun Samson's Maapu project
Kayode from Segun Samson’s Maapu project
Black Female Dragon Rider and her Green, orange scaled dragon 3d sculpt by Segun Samson
Dragon Rider
Gods Power Segun Samson
Gods Power Segun Samson
Concept art by Oluwayomi Segun Samson
Taiko Home Design
Taiko Home Design
Oluwayomi Segun Samson
Segun Samson self-portrait

See more of Segun Samson’s work on Instagram, ArtStation, Pinterest and Facebook.

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