Bahari Blue #29: The Undeniably Cool Art of Jayson Mars

August 15, 20202 min read

Jayson Mars is a South African freelance illustrator based in Port Elizabeth drawing up some unique, and futuristic portraits of Africa. We couldn’t agree more with Tetty Betty who describes his work as undeniably cool, because that’s just what it is; undeniably cool.

Describing his multiple inspirations, Jayson says he’s always been constantly inspired by raw images of African tribes and culture, European styles of illustration, and by dreams and people he sees around him.

My art is mostly influenced by emotions and dreams, a spontaneous burst of creativity spurred on by my most inner thoughts and momentary isolation.

Jayson Mars via African Digital Art interview

Jayson’s work is totally wholesome and should be enjoyed for what it is.


Unmade by Jayson Mars
Unmade by Jayson Mars
Sci-fi illustration of a man plugged into a VR headset titled ""Africa Has Joined the Server", illustrated by Jayson Mars
Africa Has Joined the Server by Jayson Mars
God by Jayson Mars
A Lonley Soul's Road to Self Discovery by Jayson Mars
A Lonley Soul’s Road to Self Discovery by Jayson
We Are the Light and the Darkness by Jayson Mars available on InPrint
We are the light and the darkness by Jayson Mars
Untitled artwork by Jayson Mars

See more of Jayson Mars’ work on Instagram and buy prints of his work on InPrint.

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