Avandu Vosi Set to Release Awesome Comics at #MJX2019

December 3, 20197 min read

Avandu Vosi is an African art collective which loves telling African stories through comics and is launching 5 new stories at Movie Jabber Expo 2019!

We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots, the other one is wings.

Sudanese Proverb

Avandu Vosi’s founding philosophy is to share African narratives using comics, games, animation and illustrations. Come December 7 2019, Avandu Vosi will do just that at the Movie Jabber Expo (#MJX2019) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Consequently, the collective will be releasing 3 sets of comics featuring five new stories this weekend. Three of these stories will form part of an anthology while the other two will be stand-alone comic books, all set in Africa. The upcoming comics centre around love, adventure and thriller and cater to different age groups.

The stories are:

  • Vibonzo Junior – a kids adventure anthology with three stories: Shumi, Wana Savana and Kade;
  • Kahawa – A romance for young adults; and
  • Muhonja – A mythical horror comedy for anyone who just likes to be thrilled.

Vibonzo Junior for Kids

Vibonzo Junior is a children’s comic anthology similar to Beano that published Dennis and Gnasher. This anthology is the perfect holiday present to gift kids. It features pretty pictures and interesting stories that kids will love. It features 3 unique and fun titles namely, Wana Savanna, Kade ule mtoi mrui and Shumi.

Wana Savana

Four children, eager to go outside to play, end up making a huge mess at the marketplace. They are reprimanded by the villagers in front of the chief and ordered to clean up. Will the children comply and what new things will they discover if they do or don’t?

Wana Savana is a story about a group of children living in the Savana navigating their friendships and going on fantastical adventures. Wana Savana aligns with Avandu’s overall vision of creating content directed towards children such that the characters will become established household figures.

The comic was created and written by Daniel Macharia and based on a mobile game by him.

Kade ule mtoi mrui

What does a young energetic child get up to when in the countryside, surrounded by expansive fields, nature, farm-life and all the time in the world?

Set in a rural Kenyan village, the comic follows the story of a Kade. Kade is young, energetic, mischievous and has a wild sense of adventure. This, however, leads him to trouble more often than is necessary.

Kade was created by Salim Busuru and Evans Busuru and written by Brian Busuru. The comic is inspired by the creators’ experiences growing up in Kenya when they were children. The comic retells some of their adventures and misadventures.


Shumi tells the story of a lively girl bunny who lives in the forest and is always excited to face each day as it comes. She loves to make new friends. She also loves to be happy and to do good. However, doing good is not always easy and because of this, she struggles to keep her friends. She doesn’t always get along because she stands for what is right.

The story explores the playfulness and friendships of young children, especially girls, offering moral lessons that children can use in their daily lives.

Wachera Njaramba.


Illustrated cover of Kahawa comic, showing a young Kenyan lad sitting under a tree with a Kenyan lady with Nairobi's skyscrapers in the background
Kahawa by Avandu Vosi

From the first time they met, through fate, over a cup of Kahawa, Simon and Wairigia fall deeply in love, but life throws them a harsh curveball, nothing lasts forever. Set in Nairobi Kenya, the comic tells the story of a tragic romance between two young lovebirds.

Barak Al’monda is the creator and writer of Kahawa and features the signature art style of Salim Busuru.


Set in a village in rural Kenya, the comic follows the story of Muhonja and her brother Onasio as they go up against ogres who have been terrorizing their home village.

Vibonzo Junior Golden Ticket

According to Avandu, one lucky buyer of the Vibonzo Junior Anthology will find a Golden Ticket within the book worth Ksh5000. The ticket will be placed in a random copy of the comic and whoever gets it can use it to buy gifts worth Ksh5000 at Between the Lines Bookshop in Kenya.

Catch Avandu at the Movie Jabber Expo held at the Sarit Centre Expo, Arabuko Hall on the 7th of December 2019 from 11 am to 8 pm. Further details about #MJX2019 including ticket purchases can be found here.

About Avandu Vosi

Avandu Vosi, formerly known as UrbanDesignKings Studios, is a collective of Nairobi based artists who tell their stories via comics, illustrations and animations. The collective is behind the comics Dunamis, Beast from Venus and Rovik as well as the animation Ma-Otero. They’ve also published the mobile game Kade. The collective’s mission is to tell stories of the present, past and future from an African cultural perspective.

About Movie Jabber Expo

Movie Jabber Expo
Movie Jabber Expo

The Movie Jabber Expo is an annual multi-entertainment convention featuring movies, gaming, local and international comic books, merchandise, cosplay, and much more. 

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