Search Engine Guide to African Comics, Manga & Webtoons

November 14, 20214 min read

  • Finding African comics shouldn’t be hard. Our search engine guide should help you navigate the web for African comics, manga and webtoons.

Are there any African comics that are set in Africa? Where was the first Comic-con held in Africa? Are there African comics?

We’ve come across such questions on search engines like Google and Bing while scouring the internet for everyone making comics and manga happen in Africa. These questions and their answers take us on pleasant adventures of discovery. They also tend to lead us down bottomless rabbit holes. Can’t say we’re mad about that.

We’ve put together this FAQ of sorts, to answer these questions, with relevant links to discover more comics and manga by African creators. We’ll keep updating this as we encounter new questions.


Are there any African comics that are set in Africa?

Many. In fact, majority of African comics are set in Africa. These are typically within the locales the creators are familiar with. Take Strike Guard by Ayodele Elegba, Aliya by Zebra Comics, or Lake of Tears by Kobe Ofei and Setor Fiadzigbey for instance. These are set in modern day Lagos, Yaounde and the Volta Region respectively.

For fantasy comics, these are usually in imaginary worlds based either directly or loosely on real world locations in Africa. An example is Roye Okupe’s Malaika,

Are there African Sci-Fi Comics?

Yes. Quite a few. A classic example is Wrath House by the Kalu brothers.

Are There African Webtoons, or Webtoons by Africans?

Yes. This African Webtoons post takes a deep dive into some of them. Examples include Sophie the Giant Slayer by Kay Carmichael, My Grandfather Was a God by Collectible Comics, Holding On by Mazuba Chimbeza and Perceptions by Tapiwa Sikota.

Where can I read African Comics?

There are a number of places where African comics and manga can be read. Some of them are listed below.

When/where was the First Comic Con held in Africa?

If you’re asking specifically about the ReedPop organized con dubbed Comic Con Africa, that was held in 2018 in Kayalami. However, if you’re asking about the first comic convention in Africa, that title goes to ICON Comic & Games Convention. The first convention was held in 1992 in the Paterson Park Recreation Centre in Norwood and ran over two days.

The most acclaimed however are Lagos Comic Con, Comic Con Africa, Nairobi Comic Con and ICON CGC.

Below is a simple timeline of comic conventions in Africa.

1992: Icon CGC (South Africa)

2001: Coco Bulles (Ivory Coast)

2009: Mboa BD (Cameroon)

2012: Lagos Comic Con (Nigeria)

2014: EGYcon (Egypt) | Technically started in 2013 as mini-events.


Nairobi Comic Con (Kenya)

Lusaka Comic Con (Zambia)

Comexposed (Zimbabwe)


Movie Jabber Expo (Kenya) | Photo Recap

Nerd Con (Ghana)

NerdCon Accra recap.

FanCon (South Africa)


DigiArt Festival (Uganda)

Geek Planette (Benin) | Founder Interview

rAge Expo (South Africa)


Abuja Comic Con (Nigeria)

Senegal Manga Festival (Senegal)

When Was the First Lagos Comic Con held?

The first Lagos Comic Con took place in September 2012, with about 300 guests in attendance. It is now West Africa’s number one gathering of nerds, geeks, otakus, you name it. LCC embodies everything cool about comic books, animation, gaming, cosplay and digital art in Nigeria and Africa. oday, it has become West Africa’s top destination for lovers of all things comic books, gaming, animation, films, and art in general.

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