Holiday Reads: Must See African Comics for the Long Easter Break

April 14, 20177 min read

Holiday reads anyone? 👀

Easter holidays in Ghana (and likely the rest of the world) mean a long weekend when most of us get to take a break from work. Some people visit family and friends, others go out to chill. Others like us, snuggle in bed and binge on all the things they’ve been unable to keep up with. If you’re big on fresh and unique forms of African entertainment, this list of African comics will hold you down this holiday. It’s the holiday reads season. 

1. Orisha Pikin by Kiyindou Yamakasi

Orisha Pikin, a perfect African comics companion during your holiday reads
Obatala and Madam Koi Koi face off.

Dive into the wacky childhood adventures of Sango, the Yoruba Orisha of thunder in his quest to become the next Olorun of Orun (the spiritual realm in the yoruba mythology). This lovely comic by our Kiyindou Yamakasi is four issues deep with no plans of stopping and is highly recommended by everyone on the team! Here’s my take on the introductory issue. Read it for free here.

2. Eru by the Ezeogu Brothers

Cover of Eru, a horror comic book by the Ezeogu Brothers published by Comic Republic
Cover of Eru by the Ezeogu Brothers. Published by Comic Republic

Fear is a strong drug that either consumes you or is manipulated by you for your own goals. But what if you are fear itself? What will you do? Join Eric Kikuyu, a Lagosian professor by day, and anti-hero/vessel of fear by night. Read the entire series here.

3. Kwezi by Loyiso Mkize

Kwezi, is one of the first publicly acknowledged African comics as part of our holiday reads list.

Who says being a superhero (read warrior, so Kevin doesn’t have my head) can’t be fun especially in an age where narcism is all the rage? Thanks to social media, young Kwezi whose name translates from Xhosa as star shines with his superhuman strength, ability to fly and more. That is until an ancient order comes knocking at his door with advice and a mission. Read the first issue of Kwezi for free here.

4. Rovik by Salim Busuru and Yvone Wanyoike

Rovik by Avandu
Rovik by Avandu

The Star Wars universe is replete with many wondrous creatures and beauties. But not many black people and definitely no African perspective. That’s probably because it hasn’t had African minds in the creative process. What if that changes? Salim Busuru’s Rovik is a fanfic comic set within the same universe as Master Yoda and the ultimate raspy-voiced badass, Darth Vader. Read it for free here.

5. Nkarim Chronicles by Elf Work Studios

Let’s pretend kung-fu soccer was set in an African village. Now imagine gruelling training, physical combat, sabotage, treachery, warring villages and some of the best action panels on the continent. Drumroll, Canary 7even’s Nkarim Chronicles. Read it for free here.

6. MAD! Comics Universe

Anabelle from MAD! Comics
Anabelle from MAD! Comics

If our first Squidtropolis hangout with Hafeez Oluwa was any indicator, the guys at MAD! Comics are here to switch up the game. With just four – incredibly short – titles, this crew’s very raw and grungy art, coupled with their dark, uncensored stories are just what just what the doc prescribed to snap out of the Easter blues. Tap into the dark side here.

7. Ganyamuto by Tinodiwa Makoni


Imagine humanoid dogs, cannon blasters, plasma guns, mechas and villains called Darklaw, in an alternate dimension where humans are extinct (and possibly myths). That is Ganyamuto, a fable about a stubborn, reckless pup prophesied to save his world from an impending apocalypse. The comic was authored by Tinodiwa of ComeXposed, a geek collective promoting geek culture within Zimbabwe.

8. Red Origins by Obi-Ud

Red Origins by Kolanut Productions

RED ORIGINS is an epic sci-fi magical-futurism webtoon the creators claim will rock your world! The comic is part of a long-term plan for an animated seires that was succesfully backed on Kickstarter.  It was created by Kolanut Productions, an up and coming independent animation, comic, and game productions company. The blurb goes: It’s 2070 and three friends are mystically transported to Neo-Africa. In order to return home, they must stop a brewing war between Ancestral and Technological Africa. Jump into the world of Red Origins here or read our Squid CoW take on this epic African comics add to your holiday reads.

9. Agbara by the Kalu Brothers

Agbara - Blood and Ghost comic book cover featuring the titular character wielding a short gun to the back of a hooded figures head.
Agbara – Blood and Ghost

Illustrated and created by Chima & Kelly Kalu, Agbara tells of a fallen angel’s exploration of what it means to be human after her banishment from heaven. Her banishment is a result of  her neutral stance in a war between Angels and Demons. Read this interesting tale here.

10. Oluwakuuta by Lubega Louis

Go for a trippy adventure with this Ugandan comic. Here’s the author’s description: Based off an African Folk Tale, The story follows a young boy (kakama) who is set out to destroy a vicious demon that has terrorized the world and killed his family. Watch as the story unfolds revealing immense drama, action and comedy in the world where the youngest hero will put all to an end; or will he? Get into this psychedelic action for free here.

11. Wob3tekpa Comics 

Wobetekpa Logo

If none of the listed comics cut it for you, maybe this satirical collection of gags and parodies can help. Produced by Wob3tekpa, these comics provide hilarious and sometimes sexist commentary on daily life in Ghana. There’s bound to be something that cracks you up in here regardless of your humour threshold. Get cured of boredom here.

Whatever your Easter is like, boredom cannot be part of it. Especially not when we have these many African comics to as holiday reads.


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