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Ma-Otero: This Kenyan Animation is a Throwback to Childhood Role Playing Fun 

Ma-Otero, which is sheng (Kenyan slang) for heroes is a short African animation about a group of friends saving their city, in superhero fashion (in all its forms, clothing and purpose).

The short is based on a comic created by Mmbasu Mbwabi and directed & animated by Salim Busuru. The afromation (African animation) stars Otero Prime, Otero Blue, Otero Small, Otero Buff and a big bad monkey.

While Ma-Otero isn’t in English, it’s really easy to follow the story and interpret the dialogue. This is all thanks to the clean animation style and simple story. The art is easy on the eye and delivers a wonderful experience.

This 2D afromation was produced by Avandu formerly Urban Design Kings), a  Kenyan art studio responsible for comics such as Dunamis and Rovik as well as games like Kade:Ule Mtoi Mrui and this fascinating African superhero project.

See the hearty nostalgia below.

Happy #ThrowbackThursday.

Ink Creativity. 

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