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This Kenyan Comic Set in the Star Wars Universe is Awfully Short But Many Levels Awesome!

This Kenyan Comic Set in the Star Wars Universe is Awfully Short But Many Levels Awesome!
Rovik by Avandu



UDK Crew (now Avandu), the guys behind socially conscious Dunamis of which we happily spoke, are back with another dose of visual dead gorgeousness for 2017.
Titled Rovik, the awfully short comic is set in the Star Wars universe. The first issue shows no light sabers (yet). Also, with master Yoda, yes, the same universe it is. Sadly, appeared not has master Yoda; if he will at all.

Eye of Rovik

Rovik, the main character is human with eerie red eyes and a beautifully bald head that will make Avatar Aang jealous. He’s partnered up with a lemar (whatever that is) that looks like a cross between a timid polar bear and a giant albino ape.


Do they make a good pair? Seems that way, as hard as it is to tell because of how painfully short the comic is. While there isn’t much in terms of story to go on, the art is top notch. There’s an element of grunginess that conveys mystery, evil and a real sense of danger.
Rovik is essentially, an African Star Wars. Here’s a blurb:

“A comic book story set in the Star Wars world, it follows Rovik,
an inhabitant of the planet Dukongo, a mineral rich planet with
an abundance of Agrocite (a rare ore that has the capability of
acting as a powerful fuel). The mineral is now almost completely
depleted on the planet except in the small Brazzaville area.
This is where we encounter Rovik, already halfway through his journey
in the dense rainforest.”

You should check it out and tell us what you think while we anticipate the next release sometime in February.
Check out a few pages below and read the entire (painfully short) issue at this link.

Pazuzu the Lemar
Pazuzu the Lemar
Rovik, galactic immigrant
Rovik, galactic immigrant

Squirt Creativity!
By KaDi Yao Tay (aka Master KaDi:”May the squids be with you”)

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