Goofy African Comics & Animation Perfect for April Fool’s Day

April 1, 20205 min read

What’s the world without some goofy? These comics have them in excess.

Today is the day the whole world goofs off, laughs at jokes and appreciate people’s creativity. It’s a real bummer that Coronavirus is trying to steal that thunder.

Thankfully, we’re humans and we’re tough heroes who can weather any storm, no matter how bad. Lucky us, there are a number of projects that tickle all the right spots for laughs that can be heard from earth to the moon and back.

In the spirit of April Fool’s day and as entertainment while you social distance or stay home due to lockdowns, here are some goofy, hilarious creations that make for good laughs and adorable awwws ?. 

Get your goofy on.

Hero Kekere by Comic Republic

Cover of Hero Kekere, a super goofy comic by Comic Republic

Comic Republic has a roster of kick-ass heroes who keep the world safe. They’re serious and don’t take no for answer. But what were they like as kids? Did they get in stupid rivalries? Did they eat ice cream? Did they sneak into movie theatres? That’s the premise of Hero Kekere. It re-imagines Comic Republic’s characters as children in all their silliness.

Read Hero Kekere free here. Also, check out the lessons learned by Cassandra Mark, the principal author on writing the Hero Kekere series.

SCUM 2 – Cyborg Crisis by LOL Gh

SCUM 2 Cyborg Crisis by LOL Gh, a perfect example of a goofy animation from Ghana.

The obviously fully competent and reliable Officers Tamakloe and Appiah take on Kweku Cyborg in an epic showdown, showcasing the (hopeful) might of the Ghana Police Service. But as is with nearly everything, things are not exactly as they seem, including reality or speaking Japanese. Watch SCUM 2 – Cyborg Crisis free below.

Dafe, Friends and All of Mishima by TAG Comics

Dafe, Friends and all of Mishima cover art showcasing the main characters overlooking the school

Do you remember your high school days in a typically West African boarding school? Dafe, Friends and all of Mishima is a nostalgic journey through time that recounts high school misadventures that you can relate to. Read Dafe Friends and all of Mishima here.

Belly Flop by Trigger Fish Animation Studios

Belly Flop by Trigger Fish Animation Studio

Belly Flop is a heart-warming animated short film about Penny, a fearless young girl learning to dive, unperturbed by a talented diver who keeps stealing the spotlight. This short by Triggerfish Animation Studio is not only adorable, but it’s also got some truly special moments that will have you rolling over. Watch the adorable Belly Flop below.

Kpakow by TAG Comics

Art by Etu Prince Etu

Kpakow is a comic series about a dysfunctional Nigerian family and how they navigate the world around them, be it old men getting on social media or more recently, the titular character’s descent into madness fighting vengeful, talking, ninja cockroaches, mafia mosquitoes, superhero rats and all the weirdness of the world you can imagine. We wrote about a tenacious and heroic ninja cockroach in the comic called Viper. If you’ve ever watched the Papa Ajasco series, Kpakow is an exaggerated version of that.

Read Kpakow free here.

Mumu Juju by Etubi Onucheyo

Mumu Juju fan art by Stanley Obende

Mumu Juju tells the story of two unlikely heroes, Mortar and Pestle, who go on impossible quests for magical items to pay off their debts to a cunning witch and a powerful deity, called Ejule and Kenga respectively. Our heroes smash their way through beans-craving zombies, fiesty warriors and eba-starved masquerades in an intense adventure that is ripe with jokes and action.

Read Mumu Juju on Kugali.

Tatashe by Cassandra Mark

I can’t talk about Tatashe enough. Tatashe follows an eponymous protagonist as she encounters friendship and adventure on the mysterious food planet Almonia. Watch as she faces mythological creatures and trials. Each more obscure than the last. Whether alone, with her pet baby dragon or with new friends, she explores this fantastical planet in the hopes of finding the magic of food, the mysterious kingdom of Eden and her long lost master. In simpler words, Tatashe explores the delights of food, colour, humor and adventure.

Read Tatashe by Cassandra Mark here.

Happy April Fool’s Day. Please stay safe!

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