Painting the Days – These are Creö’s Powerful Ghanaian Day Name Goddesses

March 8, 20162 min read

I doubt sheer creative tenacity alone drove Creō Concepts to create the visually stimulating depictions of Ghanaian female day names. Rather, I presume it was their passion to showcase our beautiful culture as much as it was to promote the ever-expanding Ghanaba movement’s online presence.

Creo 7 Days, 7 Goddesses Illustration Series

My curiosity was piqued after seeing a few illustrations that the company had shared. Creö’s manner of teasing was truly effective in heightening fan anticipation for subsequent illustrations and accompanying interpretations.

Illustration of Adwoa, a Monday Born in Creo's illustration series

The illustration team’s artistry is appealing, their color compositions are fluid and their characters are nicely shaped, with easily identifiable elements characteristic of African women.

Illustration of Abena, a Tuesday Born Ghana day names illustration series

Their settings are easily identifiable and show these goddesses in their elements, doing things any girl on the continent and in the diaspora can relate to, one way or another.

Illustration of Akua, a Wednesday Born in Nils Britwum's day name illustration series

The settings seamlessly blend the characters’ activities and mannerisms, easily evoking pride and nostalgia. Overall, the profound beauty of Creo’s characters is irresistibly endearing, much like ants in a candy shop.

Illustration of Yaa, a Thursday Born in Creo's Ghanaian day name illustration series

While I may not agree with all the interpretations, I must say some are certainly true to the letter.

Illustration of Afua, a Friday Born in Creo's illustration series

I do not intend to delve into the meaning of the names but rather, to appreciate and share what I call, “feel-good” art. An exploration of the meanings can be saved for another post or deduced here.

Illustration of Ama, a Saturday Born in Creo's illustration series

I believe art demands more reverence than life does because of it’s longevity, the multiple stories it tells and the many lives it impacts. This belief pegs the Creö team as illustrators of extraordinary gifts, whose talents can be trusted to produce a circle of multi-dimensional characters, complex enough to boldly depict Ghanaian and African realism and thus make art an essential part of life.

Illustration of Akosua, a Sunday Born in Creo's Ghanaian Day names illustration series

I applaud Nils Britwum and his studio’s wonderful work and can’t wait to see the god (male) series.

Ghanaba Day Name Illustration series by Nils Britwum for Creō Concepts
A Goddess a Day makes the world tick

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