Are you a digital artist who loves a fun contest to flex your creative muscles and express yourself? If you answered yes, then the upcoming VX Art Tournament is right up your alley.

From August to September, our friends at Comi-Con Africa and Vortex Corp have partnered to launch Africa’s largest online art tournament, the debut VX Art Tournament. If you’re reading this, you’re an art addict or comic creative who feels the change in the wind. Something is happening and you know it, and this is for you.

VX Art Tournament 2020

In spite of the global pandemic, The Con Must Go On campaign sent out a broadcast that Comicon Africa would not join the list of cancelled festivities but simply meet their tribe halfway, moving the entire festival and its activities and exhibitions into the virtual universe. This means that more of the continent and the rest of the world can be a part of the excitement.

The online tournament is themed, ‘Humanity’ – focusing on the introspection we’ve been forced to take during the lockdown.

For artists, it’s the moment to find their voice and show it the world. More than ever it’s time to celebrate Humanity in its purest form. That is to say our capacity to co-create harmoniously and in solidarity. In this time of restriction, art and comics are a chance to move around into fictional worlds and connect with each other. Let’s show humanity through art and enlighten hidden talents!

VX Art Tournament

In the spirit of fun and lasting impact, the contest nips competition anxiety in the bud. The VX Art Tournament is not about the prizes, but the journey. The tournament strives to encourage and build up Africa’s art community. It’s focused more on promoting the relationships between artists and art lovers, whilst having an amazing virtual experience in the process. 

What about the prizes?

But, the prizes are pretty sick too. The first prize includes an all-expenses-paid trip and a spotlight artist alley booth at Comic-Con Africa 2021, a $500 comic book contract, ArtStation gifts and more. The other prizes range from professional ArtStation accounts, drawing tablets, money, coveted drawing software and more.

How to join the VX Art Challenge

  1. Properly fill this form
  2. Post your art on Instagram following the rules below:
    • Use ALL the following hashtags: #vxarttournament #ccaonline
    • The caption has to be in the format below:
      Submission for VX Art Tournament
      Title Name of Art
      Full Name of Artist
      Nationality (must be African)
      Current Location
    • Tag @Comicconafrica_official & @vexpoafrica

Who are the judges?

VX Art Tournament Judges

The competition is tapping the incredible talents and insights of creative professionals across the world namely: Loyiso Mkize (Kwezi), Rad Sechrist (creator and producer of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts), Afua Richardson (Niobe, Black Panther, World of Wakanda), Bimpe Alliu (Jurassic Park, Spider Man, Avengers), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs) and Stephanie Hayot (ArtStation).

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on these criteria:

  • Concept & Imagination
  • Story
  • Composition & Perspective
  • Line Art/forms
  • Inking
  • Colours
  • Lighting & Shade

Competition Timeline

The VX Art Tournament will use a fun, elimination style process common in sports to advance participants until a winner is decided. These are:

Qualifier stage : August 1 – 20 (deadline)

Group stage :  August 24 – 29 (50 artists).

Knock out stage : August 31 – September 5 (30 artists).

Quarter final : September 7 – 12 (20 artists).

For artists that reach the quarter-final, new artwork will be required due by September 10th to advance in the competition.

Semi-Final round : September 14 – 19 (10 artists).

Final: September 21 – 27 (5 artists)

Winner announced : September 27

VX Art Tournament Rules and Process

When’s the deadline?

Applications are open from August 1st – August 20th (but don’t feel like you have all the time in the world). Deadline for submission for qualifiers closes on Thursday, August 20th.

What next?

If this hits home, click here to learn more about the competition. If you’re gonna go for it, reach for the stars. But you can have a great time doing it. We’re cheering for you. Best of luck.

The VX Art Tournament is sponsored by Comic-Con Africa, ArtStation, XP Pen, Goethe Institut (Nigeria) with Squid Mag, Kenya Buzz and as media partners and Wacom Nigeria as a supporter.