Mobile phones and social media, for good or bad are here to stay and could be the death of us all and Comfort Arthur’s quirky comics are out to announce it (slideshow at end of post).
First, a real life story.

A few months ago, I was heading home from work at night and casually scrolling my Instagram feed. I would occassionally check the road but focused more on my phone. Everything was fine until I decided to flush caution away and ignore the road all together.


I fell into a gutter (don’t ask how. I have a weird habit of walking on culverts ) but “being the mighty superhero that I am”, quickly jumped out. I burst out laughing after checking to make sure there were no witnesses.
I laughed not only because it was hilarious but because of how sad it was. A few minutes of social media silence on my walk home wouldn’t have killed or guttered me. I am addicted as much as I hate to admit it.

Then came along Comfort Arthur and her Social Media Zombies comic series and I could immediately relate.


Fun question: How would you survive a social media zombie apocalypse?

The series touches on different levels of social media abuse and addiction then exaggerates them into hilarious and disarming artwork which at first elicits a laugh then later causes you to reflect on your own social media abuse and detachment from reality.

In her own distinctive style, the Black Barbie (film that tackles skin bleaching in Africa) animator captures today’s interpersonal relationships that will puzzle older generations as well as what life solely dependent on online interaactions can deterriorate into.


Hate it or love it, social media is here for the long haul. Whether or not it destroys our physical and emotional interactions or in my case, gutters you, is entirely up to you.

Are you a Social Media Zombie? Check with Mashable’s infographic.
Here’s to hoping you’re not.

Follow the series on the Social Media Zombies Facebook page and on Instagram with #SocialMediaZombie. While you’re at it, drop Comfort Arthur a hello sometime on her Instgram page.

By KaDi Yao Tay (follow me let’s become Social Media Zombie bffs on Twitter).

Social Media Zombie Gallery

#SocialMediaZombie slideshow.