Farabale Artbeat 100 is Proof of Nigeria’s Incredible Illustrators

January 9, 20173 min read

Nigeria boasts some crazy talented illustrators and the cool minds at Farabale (pronounced fah-rah-bah-leh) want you and the rest of the world to admit it. They’ve bundled some spectacular art into a digital zine that’s up for free download on this page (go here if that doesn’t work). 

Farabale Artbeat 100
Farabale Artbeat 100 illustrated by Collyde Prime

Dubbed ArtBeat 100, the zine features art from a hundred artists that depict love, life, friendship, possible futures and a healthy dose of funky visual goodness.

Bloody Mary, winning illustration by Fumar Mota for Farabale Artbeat 100
Bloody Mary – winning illustration by Fumar Mota.

Artbeat 100 feels like a public showcase of the entries received during Farabale’s Artbeat contest back in October last year (I’ve been waiting to say that) and then some. Mad! Comics’ Fumar Mota was the winner of the maiden edition with his Bloody Mary piece pictured above.

In case you missed it, the Farabale Artbeat contest is “a platform for young creative Nigerians to showcase their talent and win cool cash”.

It features work from the winner, Mad! Comics’ Fumar Mota as well as Mumu Juju creator, Etubi Onucheyo, doodle wizard Martin Avwenagha south, spunktastic illustrator, Collyde Prime, the jaw-dropping lines and colors of Mohammed Agbadi and a host of remarkable talents.

More about the challenge in the video below.

See some of our picks from Farabale Artbeat below.

chinedu-oghenero submission to Farabale Artbeat 100
israel-fotola Farabale Artbeat 100
Mumu Juju submission to Farabale Artbeat by Etubi Onucheyo
Lekan Kazeem submission to Farabale Artbeat

My thoughts? I love the layout; it’s simple, and it works. Also, a hundred artists with diverse techniques and styles guarantee there’s never a boring moment. I love almost all the illustrations but remain unimpressed with some. Then I remember, art is subjective and as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Dive into the creative ocean of some of Nigeria’s finest at the links below and do check out Farabale now!

ArtBeat 100 Book One | ArtBeat 100 Book Two | ArtBeat 100 Book Three | ArtBeat 100 Book Four

Happy 2017, never stop inking creativity!

PS: Farabale’s ArtBeat 100 has encouraged us to follow our original mission of publishing a zine (physical and digital) that showcases the best in Ghanaian digital art, across illustration, graphic design, animation, comics, games, fashion, memes and more. This will not only focus on Ghana, but will feature content from South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria as well.

Keep an eye out for us sometime during the second quarter of this year.

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