30 Days of Shika Odamtten: Great Inspiration for 2020

January 20, 20203 min read

We’re inspired by Julia Shika Odamtten and her 2019 Inktober posts. We hope you are too to get your creating game face on all through 2020 and beyond.

We’re 20 days into the new year and chances are, you’ve already started reneging on your New Year’s resolutions and promises. Life is happening too fast around you, there simply isn’t enough time and above all, you’re unmotivated.

We get it, we know that feeling and we’ve been there. Staying consistent is one of the hardest things ever and yet one of the most rewarding when you make it work.

That’s what Jake Parker’s Inktober challenge inspires. Last year, Shika Odamtten, an illustrator from Ghana participated in the challenge and knocked our socks off with her consistency and incredible art. 

While Jake Parker provides an official prompt list that illustrators across the world follow, Shika switched things up a little, mixing her posts with her own prompts especially in the third week of Inktober. Shika seems to be saying, dare to be different.

For anyone struggling to stay consistent or just looking for inspiration, we hope Shika’s Inktober 2019 posts get you through 2020. 

Enjoy 30 Days of Shika Odamtten. 

Week 1

  • Ring (Inktober Day 1) by Shika Odamtten
  • Mindless (Inktober Day 2) by Shika Odamtten
  • (Inktober Day 6) by Shika Odamtten
  • Enchanted (Inktober Day 7) by Shika Odamtten

Week 2

  • (Inktober Day 2) by Shika Odamtten

Week 3

Week 4

About Shika Odamtten

Julia Naa Shika Yayra Odamtten is a fashion designer, illustrator and colourist from Ghana. She graduated from Radford University with a degree in Fashion. In 2019, she worked as a colourist on Message Beats, Natasha Nayo’s animation pitch for the Annecy Animation du Monde Competition. In 2020, she exhibited her colourful art alongside Kobina Taylor, Midichi, Koby Martins and Kiaski Donkor at The Exchange Exhibition curated by Kiaski.

See more of Shika’s art on Instagram and check out our Squid Alley interview with her.  

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Bolaji Olaloye’s inspiring 2018 art challenge and our Bahari Blue illustration series.

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