Newborn Saga: A Tale of True Africa
Characters from Peda Studios' Nebworn Saga

Newborn Saga: A Tale of True Africa 

I’ve always been a big fan of Newborn Saga. The talents at Peda Studios make true on their promise to showcase Africa in her former majesty and glory! They not only do this beautifully, they do so in the grandest manner conceivable! 


Sparing neither effort in art nor plot, Newborn Saga has since Issue #0 (which is available for free), always aimed to impress. I had the privilege of reading the scirpts of the the first volume and I must say, the plot certainly impresses!


After the long wait, Newborn Saga is finally in the print process and boy did it come at a perfect time. I just read through 3 issues which proved to be wonderful pieces of storytelling, heavily utilising suspense and allowing events to unfold in a purely organic fashion.


Perhaps, it’s most impressive quality is how it uses an ancient African setting, falling on real African people and drawing infinite possibilities from the lives of our ancestors.


Newborn basically captures Africa back then and brings it forth in a beautiful manner. The story brings readers closer to life back in those days. The writers clearly did their research and understood that way of life thus, it easily translates to the reader.

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The characters are as captivating as ever. From the malicious demon Organdi, to the ever loyal Ifefunjo, the huntress of the dark, epic quests and fantastical feats, daring heroes and maniacal villains, come on, what more could you ask for?!

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Impressive art (issue #0) and wonderful stories yes that is the mark of a truly African tale, and that is what Newborn Saga is; a tale of true Africa! Be on the lookout for the completed comic.

Here’s a link to stay up to date with Peda Studios.S

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By Kevin Sampong

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