League of Orishas is a new 3D-animated web series by Anthill Studios (Malika, Angry Becky, Frogeck) that chronicles the adventures of the legendary Nigerian pantheon, known as the Orishas.

The series promises to explore the story behind the Orishas, their fantasy world and its intriguing characters. According to the studio, “inspired by various West African mythologies, and set in a time when gods, supernatural beings, humans and strange beasts all co-existed on the face of the earth, League of Orishas will feature some of your favourite gods and their devotees.”

The series was created by 3D specialist Eri Umusu, together with director, Niyi Akinmolayan. The first episode of the show was released on Monday, September 11th. Subsequent episodes are to be released monthly with each episode lasting between 5 – 10 minutes. All episodes of League of Orishas will show exclusively on YouTube.

league of orishas cover photo featuring 4 mythical creatures

Based on the first episode, we expect fast-paced, action-packed storytelling, with an abundance of slow-mo scenes, eye-catching fight choreography, beautiful scores and sound design and a glorious representation of Yoruba deities, promising to be unlike anything that’s been done before.

The first episode, titled Ajanaku, follows Ajanaku, the chief of the mighty forest hunters and a devout worshipper of Ogun (god of iron) who has a score to settle with a witch. The episode is chock-full of action and features 3 characters, Ajanaku, Aje (the witch) and Agesinkole, the Legendary King of Thieves. Fingers crossed we get to explore their story further in the next episode.

Ajanaku from League of Orishas

We’re stoked to see this launch and can’t wait to embark on the adventure League of Orishas has in store, both from a storytelling and animation quality improvement angle. Here’s to hoping this isn’t short-lived like Angry Becky which served us just one episode.

Watch the first episode of League of Orishas below.

The Orishas have found followers to do their bidding but Ajanaku, Chief of the forest hunters of Ilara is on a quest for revenge and won’t stop till he finds answers.

While we’re on the subject, take a look at some of the artwork from this episode on Eri Umusu’s ArtStation portfolio.