Announcing The Creative Pot Fund by Squid Magazine

September 20, 20221 min read

Imagine a utopia where creative people in Ghana had access to all the help they could get in order for them to thrive in their careers, grow the industry to worldwide standards, and be empowered to be their best creative selves without worry.

About The Creative Pot Fund

We’re creatives who want to help other creatives…basically. The fund exists to provide creatives with access and funds that will help them excel in their careers. We don’t want to see great ideas and talent die because they didn’t get the help they needed. We hope to be able to help as many people as we possibly can. We also intend to make this long-term and self-sustaining; not something that’ll die off after a while. 

What the Fund is Offering

Our Jury

The panel for our first run is made up of 3 talented creators across animation, character design and illustration.

The panel is made up of Kofi Ofosu (character designer), Natasha Nayo (animator) and Fanny Laba (illustrator and designer).

Apply here or by filling the form (copied below).

The Creative Pot Fund is an initiative pioneered by ed. and Kadi Yao Tay.

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