Hero Kekere is Ghenghenstic!

May 28, 20162 min read

COMIC REPUBLIC are legit, one mega comic force to reckon with on the continent. Spawning characters such as Guardian Prime who, at first glance, seems like a superman copy but is many leagues different, to Eru, the manifestation of fear to Jade Waziri, a hardened, no-nonsense commander, these guys know their stuff.

Running on infinite creative juice and for the love of young readers, the Republic has released a fun, lighthearted comic in celebration of Nigeria’s Children’s Day.

Describing the issue, CEO Jide writes:

Never has it been more important to shape the mind of the African Child as it is today. Today, we celebrate Children all around the world with our maiden edition of Hero Kekere. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you can be anything you want to be. Make the right choices, look up to superheroes as icons and most of all don’t forget to have a good laugh.
Happy Children’s Day from all of us at Comic Republic.

Jide Martin
Hero Kekere comic cover, showcasing cute, child like versions of Comic Republic's heroes roster.

Hero Kekere is a bundle of joy.

It features Heroes from their flagship titles, namely Guardian Prime, Avonome, Eru, Max Speed, Power Boy, Nu Tech, Ireti Bidemi and Bunmi have been cutified, chibified into the most adorable heroes ever.

The art is splendidly done, effortlessly color splashing self-confidence, beauty and pride at you. The story? Whoop, whoop! A jolly educative, inspiring and well-crafted read.

The Stanch, Balox, Ozo and Akintoba shredded it chale.
While easy to follow, it helps if you’re already familiar with the Vanguard universe because Hero Kekere offers hilarious alternatives to their major storylines.

Like this one from Aje.

Hero Kekere featuring the villain Adeptus from Avonome
Witch hunter Adeptus has a soft spot for cooking witch craft.

You might have seen such gags at the end of a few issues, Hero Kekere is a compilation of those and more. Oh did I mention how humorously gnarly the pidgin is?

Read or download Hero Kekere here.

PS: I’ve no idea what Ghenghenstic is but I LOVE it and this upcoming comic even more. Anticipate!

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