We’ve been chasing down cool podcasts by African creatives since we started Space Squid. One of these is Fiko’s Corner by our good friend Kofi Ofosu and we’re in love.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to become a good illustrator and character designer? Or perhaps, yearned to go behind the scenes with one such creative and hear their story, learn from them, discover their tips and secrets?

Say hello to Fiko’s Corner by Kofi Ofosu aka BrakuStar.

I’m just trying to create valuable content to help other creatives. Content that has helped me to become the kind of artist I am today.

Kofi Ofosu
Fiko's Corner by Kofi Ofosu

Fiko’s Corner is a weekly podcast for artists and creatives. Here, Ghanaian character designer and illustrator, Kofi Ofosu shares tip, tricks and philosophies he’s picked up on his artistic journey that will be helpful to other aspiring artists and even to other working professionals.

Episode 1

On this episode, Kofi introduces himself and what the podcast is going to be about—mainly art. Through this podcast, Kofi Ofosu will share the things he has learned on his artistic journey that will be useful to other aspiring artists and even working professionals as well.

Episode 2

Fiko's Corner episode 2

On this episode, Kofi talks about the fundamentals and gives practical tips that anyone can apply to get better at character design.

Listen below.

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About Kofi Ofosu

Kofi Braku Star Ofosu (creator of Fikos Corner) illustration by Alfred Achiampong
Portrait of Kofi Ofosu by Alfred Achiampong

Kofi Ofosu is a freelance character designer and concept artist from Ghana. Other than designing characters, Kofi loves to imagine and build worlds.

Kofi is one of the artists who worked on the award-winning Lake of Tears along with Alfred Achiampong and Setor Fiadzigbey. Kofi has an IP in the works called Champion about boxing. While not much has been revealed about the project, the few character designs Kofi has teased promise an exciting adventure into the sport of punching.