We recently started a podcast called Space Squid where we cover all things comic books, video games, animation and digital art from Africa. Our podcast complements what we already do on the site.

Thinking about ways to grow the podcast had us wondering if there were any other podcasts, audio and video, from Africa that are worth checking out.

Beyond the ones we already know, like Ibrahim Ganiyu’s consistent and resourceful Create or Die Trying, here are some of the digital art podcasts from Africa we’re digging and think you would too. 

Space Squid by Squid Mag

Space Squid Podcast by Squid Magazine, hosted by Kadi Yao Tay. A 360º digital art podcast

Space Squid is an energetic podcast hosted by Kadi Yao Tay and occasionally Kofi Sydney Asare and Bertil Toby Svanekiaer. This podcast covers everything comic books, animation, video games and digital art from Africa in about 20 minutes or less. Space Squid is a complement to the work we already do on Squid Mag, and was created for people who prefer listening to reading.

There are new episodes every week primarily on our podcast page and Anchor page as well as all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud and more.

The Kugali Podcast

The Kugali Podcast, a podcast for comics, animation, games and digital art from Africa

The Kugali Podcast is the first podcast we ever encountered (and have been on) that discussed comic books and video games from Africa. The podcast is described as a space where Kugali’s founders, Ziki, Tolu and Demi give an African perspective on the world of comics, video games, TV shows, anime and all things geeky.

The Kugali Podcast seems to have gone on hiatus but previous episodes are still available and contain incredible gems you have to check out.

Create or Die Trying by Ibrahim Ganiyu

Create or Die Trying with Sir Gai digital art podcast

Would you rather create or die trying? Both? Great. Create or Die Trying, is an audio and video podcast that explores creativity in all its expressions and media as it analyses, discusses, challenge and teaches viewers (and listeners) the core elements of creativity and the business of creativity.

It is hosted by Nigerian comic book creator Ibrahim Ganiyu and goes live on Facebook every Monday (4pm WAT) and across other streaming platforms.

Listen to Create or Die Trying.

Mohammed Agbadi

Mohammed Agbadi’s YouTube channel is a beautiful world of color, bold lines, sage advice and all-round fun to dive into. Mohammed shares drawing advice and tips, as well as resources for other creatives to play with. On his channel, Mohammed also geeks out on a number of things including drawing equipment, software and comic books.

Fiko’s Corner by Kofi Ofosu

Fiko's Corner by Kofi Ofosu

Fiko’s Corner is hosted by Ghanaian character designer Kofi Ofosu. On this podcast, Kofi takes listeners on his journey as a self-taught artist and shares things he learned along the way in an effort to inspire other creatives.

Through this podcast, I’m going to share the things that I’ve learned on my artistic journey that I think can be of benefit to other aspiring artists and even working professionals as well.

Kofi Ofosu

dEX Lingo by dEX Ghana

This is a podcast by the talented team that organizes dEX Artmosphere, the annual design meetup in Accra. The podcast educates listeners on design and the business side of it through a series of interviews with exceptional resource persons in the design industry. dEX Lingo aims to be your number 1 auditory design experience.

dEX Lingo tends to airs roughly once a month.

Check it out below.