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Discover the latest stories making the rounds in African comics. From comic book reviews, exciting new titles, information on the best publishers, press releases, listicles, free comics (including African comic PDFs, graphic novels, African comic anthologies) and more, this Squid Mag page on African comic books and the African comic industry is home. Here, you can find fun reviews such as our Squid Comic of the Week series, opinion pieces on the comic industry in Africa, listicles on a variety of topics including female African superheroes, features on comics and comic publishers such as Tatashe, TAG Comics, Comic Republic, Kugali and more.

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Mighty Joo Galamslayed
Mighty Joo #2 to Premiere at Time With Ananse 

Parables Animation, the powerhouse behind the popular and critically acclaimed Ananse animated series has launched its new project, Mighty Joo: The Environmental Crusader, starring famed actor, Adjetey Anang. The project is part of its environmental crusader campaign and aims at…

Playtopia MGA 2019
Playtopia MGA: Indie Games & Immersive Arts Festival 

Taking cues from international alternative games festivals, Playtopia MGA marks South Africa’s debut homegrown celebration of games and interactive art. Producing a series of surprise global hits, South Africa’s game makers (and their unique creations) have landed up on the…

Avandu Vosi comics Movie Jabber Expo
Avandu Vosi Set to Release Awesome Comics at #MJX2019 

Avandu Vosi is an African art collective which loves telling African stories through comics and is launching 5 new stories at Movie Jabber Expo 2019! We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots, the…

Tutu Untold Story of a Kingdom
You’re Invited to Watch Tutu: An Untold Story of a Kingdom! 

You’re invited to the pilot screening of Tutu – An Untold Story of a Kingdom, a new animated project by AnimaxFYB Studios. Have you seen any retelling of Ghanaian history that is not a documentary but a creative experience offering…

Mighty Joo Galamslayed
AnimateGH Animation Festival 2019 Celebrates International Animation Day 

Monday, October 28 is International Animation Day and to celebrate, the Animators Association of Ghana and Animation Africa in partnership with the Goethe-Institut will present the 2019 edition of the AnimateGh Animation Film Festival.  The event will open on Monday,…