There are two pages from the second issue of the Ireti Bidemi comic that had me clinging to my precious nine lives, and I’m sure yours too.

The pages feature the magical incantations that grant Ireti her ancestral powers. This left me with three questions:  What language is it? Is it made up? If it is, what is its foundation? Oh wait, there’s a fourth. Do I get to unlock powers too?

Of course the author, Michael “Balox” Olasubomi didn’t divulge the secret, only urging me to try to decipher it. Saying something along the lines of:

for real though, look at it, if you still don’t understand it, then it’s okay. It means it has the effect I was hoping it’ll have and that’s a plus for me.



To be fair, he did leave something of a clue that unscrambled, *ahem*, unraveled everything. Why leaving readers wondering about it is a plus for him, I can’t say. Anyhow, I’ll decode the first two speech bubbles and you can have fun doing the rest.

Here goes:

whosoever is able to read this incantation, is deemed worthy and will be granted her might.

She is hope, she is light…


Have fun deciphering the rest. You never know, in Balox’s own words,

you just might be a descendant of Ireti as well.


And no, I am no descendant, unfortunately. I’ve wielded no golden lion engraved gauntlet after my recitations, and boy did I.

Do read Ireti Bidemi here and also check out my colleague, Yamakasi’s thoughts on it here.

Featured illustration by Ayoola Olagunju. All other illustrations courtesy Comic Republic.

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