Ananse Comic Tales by Kiaski Donkor reimagines the story and character of Ananse, the popular trickster character.

The trickster Ananse stumbles on a frightening conspiracy that threatens his very reality. Trying to profit off this secret sets off a wild and unexpected adventure which reimagines the age-old folktale character of West Africa, Ananse, in a magical world full of gods, fantastical creatures and monsters. Here, his cunning, wits and unlikely partnership with Kotoko are the only things that can keep him alive.

Will they prevail or will Ananse’s greed and deviousness and Kotoko’s overconfidence and eagerness for adventure doom them all?

UK-based Ghanaian artist, Kiaski Donkor, brings a fresh spin to Ananse in this comic book adaptation of the popular trickster character in West African and Caribbean folklore. Not only is Ananse presented differently, but his character design shies away from the rather boring and generic design Ananse is often associated with in Ghana. Kiaski’s comic is heavily influenced by Ghanaian culture and is peppered with several exciting easter eggs set to thrill readers.

Read snippets from the first drop of the comic below and follow theAnanse Comic Tales series on Awam and @project.ananse on Instagram.

Chichinga seller chasing Ananse in Ananse Comic Tales by Kiaski Donkor

Other media this character has inspired include Is’nana the Were Spider by Greg Anderson-Elysee, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and Mr. Nancy’s character in American Gods, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel.

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