2016 has been such an amazing year and we have you to thank. Our biggest gratitude goes to you creative folk consistently producing content that makes us smile or frown, inspires and depresses us, and above all, feeds us something beautifully important to form our opinions of the continent around. We say a big akpe to you! Yours is the biggest end of year/ holiday present to us.

In return, we offer you Nkarim Chronicles, one of the finest comics from Nigeria that you’ve probably never heard of. The lucky few that know of Nkarim Chronicles know this beauty is a re-imagination of soccer as an alternative to warfare.

Nkarim Chronicles by Canary 7even

How you ask?

By jumping into the colorful and action packed world of Nkarim chronicles at these links.

Nkarim Chronicles | The Showdown | The Burden #1 | The Burden #2

We’re grateful to Canary 7even, the guys behind the comic who gave us permission to share the comic outside their Facebook page. Will the comic continue, we don’t know and can only hope it does cause it’s so darn good!

Nkarim Chronicles by Canary 7even
Nkarim Chronicles by Canary 7even

Have a fun read and see you next year in Squidtropolis! There’s a lot of things to look forward to. Just keep your diving gear properly oiled and your eyes on us.

Ink Creativity.