Squid Mag Team

Say hello to the Squid Mag dream team!

This collective wouldn’t exist without the awesome people who make it tick, directly and indirectly. Below are the indispensable team members who have written posts for Squid.

Kadi Yao Tay


Kadi Yao Tay

An improving social inept constantly navigating the maze of human interactions in order  to figure out his place in the world. He has an unbridled love for kelewele and abuses the word “chale”, chale. He also sucks at soccer video games and absolutely won’t play against you. Do not ask! Oh, also, editor-in-chief of a bunch of things (Noanyi, Once Enough, YPKI), Digital Media Accounts Director at dentsu (Ghana) and producer of the Accra Animation Film Festival.

Kofi Sydney Asare


Kofi Sydney Asare Squid Mag

An Otaku in the geeksphere and a lover of all things high-concept, sci-fi and comics. His alter ego is Madness Utopia, a bearded, music junkie on the hunt for the next amazing sound. Inspired by anime, manga and good vibes.

Nana Yaa Serwaa Osei


Nana Yaa Serwaa OseiThis is Nana Yaa, a convert of Squid Magazine. Formerly lost, she’s gone through the stages of denial and finally come to realize her appreciation for Africa’s diverse creative outlets through African Animation, Digital Art and Comics. A true introvert, gets excited about food and topics on environmental and battles a phobia for office hours. When she’s not writing or creating content, she’s taking budget trips with her friends or battling her dog over the last pair of socks.

Cassandra Mark


Cassandra MarkCassandra Mark is an award-winning writer, comic book creator and anime enthusiast resident in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also a concept artist, hardcore gaming junkie, and illustrator who enjoys gardening, Yoga, and dabbles in African spirituality…Igbo kwenu!

Tobi Oluwafemi


Tobi OluwafemiTobi Oluwafemi is an introvert and a self-acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse expert. He is also a comic book writer, cartoonist and an illustrator. He spends his day, drawing, writing, reading comics and pondering about the eventuality of the Zombie Apocalypse

Kiyindou Archange Yamakasi


Kiyindou Archange YamakasiArchange Marie-Michel Mayinguidi Kiyindou Yamakasi is a Congolese filmmaker, writer and lover of all things comics and animation. He is the author of Orisha Pikin, the co-author of Teen Techs and is on a mission to tell the best African stories through comics to the whole world. He is currently studying at AFDA the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance.

Fafa Macauley


Charlotte Fafa MacauleyFafa is a very adorable person. She likes big words but would rather not read them so she won’t punish you to read them either. A chat with her will probably end in a history lesson (it’s more exciting than it sounds lol). The fastest way to her heart is through waakye, a brand new Audi and a balloon.