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Help Kweku Ananse!

Help Kweku Ananse! 

Kwaku Ananse, the beloved character from Ashanti folklore needs your help becoming best friends with Adinkra symbols, folklore, math and his all-time favorite, puzzles. Kweku needs badly to cross over into children’s hands to enrich their lives with his masterful storytelling through a fun and educative mobile game, Ananse’s Well Rescue.


For the uninitiated, depending on which story you have access to, Ananse is a talented West African story teller who’s either a god or a mischievous and cunning fellow with an expansive reservoir of life lessons children especially, can learn from.


Helping Kwaku Ananse on this all important mission is Project Ananse, a team from Ghana and the UK excited about connecting the legendary spider god with kids all over the world through culture, responsibility, creativity and arithmetic.


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Leading the team is Kiaski Donkor, an illustrator whose re-imagination of Ananse is not only bold and colorful but important as Africans own and experiment with their narratives.
A paraphrased description reads:
Project Ananse looks to use African culture and heritage in a modern and innovative way to instill cultural pride – mainly in children and young people – and to explore new ways to share these cultural treasures and encourage creative thinking and knowledge.
Project Ananse needs £5, 000 to make this dream a reality; this involves coding, artwork and scoring. The team launched a kickstarter campaign to raise the money and features some cool rewards depending on how much you pledge. The team if successfully funded, expect to have a playable version by the end of 2016. It will be available on Android, iOS and Windows.
With just a few more days to go, the campaign needs you now more than ever and as is said in Ananse’s original tongue, ketewa bi ensua (anything, no matter how small, is something).
Follow the campaign here and interact with Project Ananse below:
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By Kadi Yao Tay

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