Sketch Jam

Sketch Jam is an exciting way to explore your creativity in the company of others over a cup of smoothies (or whatever you prefer) and conversations about Ghana and the world. The jam is a creative event that brings together artists and art lovers to collaborate and create unique and original artwork. The first sketch jam took place at Smoothy’s in East Legon.

A doodle from Sketch Jam session organized as part of Frame x Frame Animation Nights 02 in 2023

Participants are given a theme or prompt and a set amount of time to create a piece of art. This can range from a quick sketch to a more detailed drawing or painting. The goal is not to create a perfect piece of art, but to explore new ideas and techniques, and to have fun in the process.

From the bustling streets of Accra to the lush forests and picturesque beaches of Cape Coast, and the vast wealth of information on the internet, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Sketch Jams are not just for professional artists, either. They are open to anyone who is interested in art and creativity, regardless of skill level. Even if you’re just starting out as an artist, a Sketch Jam can be a great way to experiment and try out new things.

Overall, Sketch Jam is a fun and exciting way to explore your creativity and connect with other artists. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, there’s something for everyone at a Sketch Jam. So grab your sketchbook, pack your bags, and get ready to join the artistic adventure of a lifetime at Sketch Jam. Who knows – you might just discover your inner Picasso along the way!

Below are photos from the first Sketch Jam we organized in 2021.

Below are photos from the second Sketch Jam which was incorporated into Frame x Frame Animation Nights 02 in 2023.