How African Creators Make Money Off Comics (The Bubble)

Episode 04February 8, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Kadi introduces a new segment called The Bubble where he shares his thoughts on different things he finds interesting in the comic book, video game and animation space in Africa. On the first edition of The Bubble, he discusses different ways comic book creators in Africa make money. 

Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Introduction to The Bubble
  • [01:10] Today’s topic: How do African Creators Make Money from their Comic Books?
  • [02:30] Direct Sales
  • [04:22] Sponsorship and Advertising
  • [06:10] Product Placement (Aviva Books & Comic Republic)
  • [06:40] Subscription Model
  • [08:00] Kugali Anthology
  • [09:26] Comics as Art Portfolio for Future Paying Clients
  • [10:08] Afrocomix
  • [11:10] To stay updated with the latest happenings in comics, games, animation and digital art from Africa, go to SquidMag.ink.

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Feature image by Juni Ba from Kayin & Abeni #3.

Speakers & Guests

  • Kadi