SA cosplayer, Kelsey Atkins crowned world champion after winning the Cosplay Championship at Comic-Con Africa last year.

Do you love cosplay and can you cosplay like a pro? Yes? Chances are not quite like Kesley Atkins.

Kesley, a South African cosplayer just took her cosplaying game to another level, right after winning the cosplay competition at Comic-Con Africa last year. She was crowned Global Champion of Cosplay at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2 ). C2E2 is touted as the “largest and most prestigious cosplay competition in the world.”

Kesley took to Instagram to announce her win. Announcing her crown, she wrote:

Ya girl did it! I took home the crown at C2E2 Cosplay Championships! 😭 I still can’t believe it happened! Everything was such a rush and it has definitely not sunken in yet!
It was such an honour to be here and part of this amazing convention and competition! There were some seriously talented and amazing people competing this year and I am so humbled and excited to have met them! Everyone did so well! We all did out best and that was the most important thing!! Well done everyone!

Kesley Atkins

Kelsey who is also known as “JinxKittie” was crowned cosplay champion at Comic Con Africa in 2019. She was sent to Chicago to compete at C2E2 against international cosplayer as part of her prize.

JinxKittie won cosplaying as Blood Priestess Bathory from Cinderys in an elaborate outfit that reportedly took over “600 hours of design, hand stitching, embroidering and 3D printing.”

Kelsey “JinxKittie” Atkins walks home with US$5000 as prize money. Congrats Kelsey.

Take a look at the intricate costume below.

  • Kelsey Jinxkittie Atkins
  • Kelsey Atkins JinxKittie Blood Princess Bathory by Cinderys

All photos via Jinxkittie Cosplay Facebook page.