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squid magazine X
Squid Magazine is an online hub dedicated to the exploration, critique, promotion and archiving of African creativity manifested within Comics, Games, Animation and other engaging media.

Why Squid Mag?

The name is inspired by squids, sea invertebrates that release ink as a defensive mechanism. We find it poetic how such a mechanism can be a metaphor for painting a people’s realities and dreams fluidly in an ocean of canvases. An ocean that is threatened to be overrun with narratives that exclude us.
It is in defence of this that our motto reads Squirt Creativity.
We aim to be the go-to resource to find the best works of art, start conversations about the geekdom we love so much.
Squid Mag was started by Kofi Asare and KaDi Yao Tay in 2015. The Squid Mag team comprises Dela Attikesse, Fafa and Elom MacAuley, Kiyindou Yamakasi, Elizabeth Temitayo Johnson, Kevin Sampong and Yao Baku.
We are on a mission to alter the African narrative through channels atypically associated with Africa.

Will you join us?

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